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 If you are a traveller, an immigrant or an expat, then you know what it is like to miss your favourite foods from back home. No matter what it may be, you just have these cravings that you cannot over come. The local shops do not have exactly what you are looking for. Nobody understands why you would. And on your way home, you do not have enough room in your luggage to bring back all the delicious discoveries you made while abroad.

We understand your pain. Having lived, studied and travelled abroad for long periods of time, we know that craving to find your favourite foods or share them with friends isn’t always easy to appease.

Well, we have found the answer to your #FoodieNeeds: eatrie – your one stop shop for your favourite ethnic and speciality food products, from back home and around the globe.

Now do not be too disappointed by the lack of selection at this point because eatrie is greatly evolving! We are adding a large number of ethnic and specialty food sellers and products based on our user recommendations! Definitely let us know what you are looking for by contacting us!

eatrie ethnic food

Photo: Jakub Kapusnak, Foodie’s Feed

eatrie offers specialty food products from around the world. eatrie will soon be offering a vast selection of fine specialty products including coffee, tea, chocolate, and eventually wine. We would love to know what you are looking for! Please do not hesitate to let us know here or by contacting us. Stay tuned by following us on Pinterest and Twitter!

Take your Tastebuds on a Trip with eatrie!

Sherbrooke IO Daniella LAbout the founder: Daniella is a Southern Ontarian of Italian origin who moved to France at the age of twelve. She learned the French language and experienced the culture while living there and traveling around Europe for eleven years. Daniella financed her dream of moving to Quebec through selling antiques and other objects on eBay, and has been selling specialty food products online for the past six years.

What would you like to find on eatrie? Let us know below by contacting us! Are you a specialty food vendor who likes what they see? Learn more about selling your speciality food products. Please note that you must be a qualified, professional seller in order to offer your products on eatrie.