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Gourmex Inc. is a local Mexican specialty food shop located in Montreal, Quebec that imports and distributes a wide variety of Mexican food products (including comestible insects). They focus on natural, organic, and gourmet food choices, and believe in promoting fair trade by working with only small-scale producers and farmers. Together, they help each other thrive and grow. They also consciously avoid direct competition with local markets.

It’s Gourmex’s mission to deliver new and delicious Mexican products to Canadian consumers, as well as encourage the purchase of these products, and help the small businesses of Mexico to develop and increase their businesses too. Many of the Gourmex products are handcrafted right in Quebec with the assistance of a chef. Gourmex is continually testing new products, and by processing and packaging them right in Quebec, has earned them the “Prepared in Quebec” certification.

Agave syrup is becoming one of the most valued sweeteners, as it is not only naturally sourced from Mexico, but it’s also much sweeter than honey. It’s made from many different species of the agave plant. The agave tequilana and the Agave Salmiana are two of the most popular plants. Agave syrup is useful in many dishes, as it’s more fluidic and less viscous than honey is. You can use agave syrup to sweeten cold drinks, since it dissolves quickly, unlike honey or crystallized sugar. It’s perfect for iced tea drinks, or for cocktails. You may also use it in hot drinks such as hot cocoa, hot tea or coffee. You can replace the sugar in your baking and desserts with agave syrup.

Agave syrup may also be poured directly onto pancakes, French toast, and crepes, and used instead of maple syrup. Use it to replace your regular sugar in recipes, or sweeteners in your drinks and treats. Agave is about 40% sweeter than regular sugar, so you’ll want to decrease your portions. Instead of one cup of white sugar, you can use 1/3 cup of agave.

Gourmex also has a delicious line of marmalades that are sweetened with agave syrup and not sugar. These marmalades are made with the juice and the peel of bitter oranges, and have been prepared a lot like jam, but contain no other fruit other than the citrus, with the sweetness of agave syrup. Agave syrup marmalades are delicious on bread, scones, and a variety of French pastries.

Other items you may find for sale in the Gourmex boutique include chile salsas with varying spiciness. These are made with habaneros and cactus fruit. They also have toasted sesame seeds that have been flavoured with chilies, and other types of jams that have been sweetened with cane sugar.

Gourmex also has a unique line of insect consumables, including grasshoppers, ants, and scorpions, recognizing that they can be a healthy protein source for future generations. Gourmex is the first company that has specialized in the distribution of edible insect products in Quebec.

Gourmex provides a ready source of Mexican food products, as well as many locally-made gourmet products too. You can order direct from their boutique, or visit one of the trade shows or festivals they attend.

For any questions about your Gourmex inc. order, please contact:

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