Les Soeurs en Vrac – Spices from Around the Globe

eatrie quebec flagStephanieNatalie and Claudine Provost, are Les Soeurs en Vrac. In 1998, three sisters from Quebec, Canada, embarked on a great entrepreneurial adventure. They acquired Importations et Distributions BH Inc., a distributor of carefully selected food products founded in 1977. Four years of experiences and many culanary discoveries later, they renamed the company in their image  : Les Soeurs en Vrac (or “Sisters in Bulk“). These innovative women thought “outside the isle” by offering their own personal spice racks to stores to display their products.

Les Soeurs en Vrac offer a wide variety of hand-selected nuts, dried fruits, spices, chips, salts and sweets. They are currently offering their popular selection of spices online with more to come. Choose from their versatile sea slats, unique seasonings or wide range of hand picked basics. Check out their products below!


For any questions about your Soeurs en Vrac order, please contact:

Phone: (514) 356-1276
Email: nat@lessoeursenvrac.com
Address: 12880 Rue Jean Grou, Montréal, QC, H1A 3N5, Canada